Chinese military conducts joint air-sea drill near Taiwan island

来源:China Military Online责任编辑:Wang Xinjuan
2020-02-11 17:52
An H-6 bomber attached to the air force under the PLA Eastern Theater Command carries out air patrol on Feb. 9.

By Liu Peijun, Cheng Yongliang

NANJING, Feb. 11. -- Following the combat-readiness patrol on February 9, the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Eastern Theater Command organized its naval and air forces to conduct a joint drill in waters off the southeast coast of Taiwan island on Feb. 10, said Senior Colonel Zhang Chunhui, spokesperson for the Chinese PLA Eastern Theater Command on Tuesday.

According to the spokesperson, the joint drill focused on real-combat subjects such as air-to-ground assault and fire support and further honed the multiple services’ capability in joint operations.

The spokesperson pointed out that the "Taiwan independence" forces ignore the overall national interests and continue to step up "independence" efforts, which is against the trend and unpopular. The troops of the PLA Eastern Theater Command will always stay on high alert, keep a close watch on the situation, and resolutely perform their duties and missions, he added.

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